Thursday, September 24, 2009

A book called Entourage

Art School is a funny place. I was in the Interior Design program at the University of Georgia about 2… 5…. I mean, 10 years ago. It produced some of my best memories and some that frankly, still make me shiver. This blog is a step back in time for me, and may very well be the dumbest composition you have ever read. You may also think I am certifiably crazy to boot.

Some of the bad things were:

1. Dropping my perpetually dull X-acto blade onto my toe
2. Endless days of wake, then hearing that Melanie had to go to the hospital for exhaustion (or flu).
3. Model making
4. Model making
5. Model making
6. Having roommates in other programs that just didn’t understand where you were and why you couldn’t make it to happy hour.
7. The guy with the white belt, and tight Budweiser sweater who everyone but me thought was hot.

Some of the good things were:

1. The bonding with friends, with a backdrop of Oldies radio
2. The delirium
3. The eventual degree
4. The papers that we had to write that we were told needed to “look pretty”, rather than have profound content. (Explains a lot, huh?)
5. Fridays off (even though I needed to be in the studio, I didn’t feel that I was “tied” there, and I certainly didn’t have to sit in an Interior Finishes class for seemingly 10 hours.)
6. THE ENTOURAGE BOOK , by Earnest Burden.

1. The front cover

2. an example of one page of 309

For all of you who don’t know what an Entourage book is, it is an ‘old school’ template book of various shapes, sizes of people, trees cars and birds for Perspectives and scene drawings; a tracing file, as the title suggests.

Your Entourage usage evolves. First, you start with “normal” people that are normal size for your drawing. As you get more comfortable, you’ll get more daring. Rather, at 4:12 AM you get the “eff it” attitude. That is when the fun begins; and continues.

(normal people. Notice the difference in size)

Some of the pictures in this book are so ridiculous when out of context, that I wanted to share some with you because, well, they make me smile.

This guy I would envision this guy at the night......with sunglasses.

Henpecked, sweaty man is always good for a laugh. Perhaps coming out of a strip club...


Nude Sunbathers..or perhaps something else.

I also have one very dear to my heart. I named him Robbie. He was in a wheelchair and apparently loved and emulated David Cassidy. He was in a few of my renderings. He was wonderful.

The Entourage people were all wonderful. You could place them anywhere, any which way you could think. My friend, Sarah, had a girl being stalked once in a park in NYC by a guy with a trench coat. The Stalked was Polly Prissy Pants. I can’t remember the marauder, but I suppose it doesn’t matter. He is now referred to as #1240976 these days.

One time (of many) we all got ornery and ready to quit school altogether, until flaming bags of “poo” entered our lives. They were “original creations” that could not be found in the Entourage books. It is great when everyone banded together for one cause. We added a flaming bag of s*** into our rendering for a conference center that we were designing. I drew the front desk, and the employee was handing the guest my bag. Sarah, (same girl with stalkers above) had to render a guest room. Hers was on the table up front in the scene, with a light shining on it. Good times.

Trees in the summer and winter

Ah, what a trip down memory lane! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Even as I read this, I can see the stupidity of it all, and perhaps, that was the best part of design school!


  1. johnny "the hammer" delveccio? does that sound right?

    remember the entourage of the bald guy from behind who looked like skinner from the x-files. i put him in ALL my renderings. i wonder if any of those are still around?

    remember how you were going to rehab robbie for your final project and have him skiing?

  2. oh, and he WAS hot. he was hipster before hipsters knew what hipster was.

  3. Oh that was a hoot! Good times! I love this blog. Remember the chex mix that Rebecca brought in from home... so good...sleepy in the library, and Mr. Nimmons with the bourbon breath? Those were the days...

    Thanks for the laughs.