Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bound and Determined and on the Fence

I am a real interior designer. (It's sad that I have to qualify this, eh?) Having said that, I took classes. Design history classes. Ones that showed me Le Corbusier and the Five Pillars of Architecture, Charles and Ray Eames, Ancient Egyptian chairs and Napoleon's Chairs. I also know about Aero Saarinen. He's the Architect who most famously designed the St. Louis Arch. He also designed furniture. He designed the Womb Chair. (big sigh) 

I want it. I have a perfect place for it. I think it'd be perfect, at least. Oh, let me restate this. I want the Womb Chair knock off. The knock off itself isn't inexpensive. I can't do it right now. RIGHT NOW, that is. We have been looking for a chair to go in the corner of the living room (update coming) that we dripped and doused in IKEA goods this weekend. Nate wants a lounger. How perfect? Once again, a wonderful marriage of what Nate wants and what I want. Right? 

As all my ideas do, this will evolve to something else perhaps. However, with this, I keep looking at it, wishing for it and hoping that it'd just show up one day as a gift from a secret friend. That happens, right? This chair would actually stand for a lot to me. I appreciate it. I have also noticed as we put finishing touches on tables tops, corners and add color, I design a lot like my mother. Her more traditional-yet-daring decorating mores have been imprinted on my style, and I have embraced that. I have this idea that I am in the modern style. I am not. The house is not. I like some of the newer looks with art taped on the wall, but I simply don't prescribe to it. It's trendy and quite frankly, looks like a teenager's room. This chair would represent my design journey, encompassing what I have learned and what I have seen and what I love. (cue Wiilliam Tell Overture)

It's very simple. I want it, but I haven't asked my husband. Oh, and we don't have the money for it right now. I repeat, right now. Good things come to those who wait. I can wait. Maybe. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

This weekend, from the trees


Quick Update - Entry

My home's entryway. This was tough. I wanted a huge impact as you stepped into our interior world, but what to do? Well, I can say it is finally doesnt' look so much like a dorm anymore, so we have that going for us. This was actually worked on this weekend out of necessity. The floor here is not actually hardwood, it's vinyl. grr. (There is a place for everything, and residential grade vinyl in a high traffic entrance is not it.) We were scratching it like a record, so off to IKEA we went to pick up a rug. 

Now, I have a saved and ever growing shopping list on the IKEA site. I envisioned this rug to maintain my black and white theme: 

Jorun Rug

And we ended up purchasing this: 
Valby Ruta

The Entry looks like this: 

I am working on getting rid of that light. It's not awful, it's just bad for this entry

Don't mind the junk in the back left! 

We almost left IKEA empty handed. This frightened and confused us both. But the more we both thought about it, and the farther we got from the rug section, we decided to go back. I had hung the Rothko a few weeks ago, and that, to me, was a sign. The rug would look perfect with it, so we snaked all the way back through, Gil in tow. We are very happy with our choice. It's got a traditional look, yes, and I wasn't exactly looking for that style, but it works well. It is warm and welcoming, and that is what I love about it. 

This table was a piece of junk from a less-than-attractive dining set from my Aunt. This was one of the first pieces that my mom had painted (since then, she's gone wild with color and patterns and they are so very wonderful) She gave it the old  'Shabby chic'  look. 
The wooden bowl was made by my hubby's friend's father. I love it! The vase is from TJ Maxx and the orchid is from Michael's. I can't remember where in the world the lamp is from. (Remember, I am pregnant.) Oh, and the "runner" is from The Gap. It's a scarf. :) 

On the other side, the little vase is a cast off from Penland School of Craft and Design. The potters set out their misfit projects, and you can leave a few dollars for the local SPCA and nab some of these gems. We always get a few when we visit. The  picture in the background, 'Save Ferris', is by your truly. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kid Art

I have quite a collection of rare art. It's one of a kind, and the artists, quite obscure.  I won't write much, other than to tell you how much I  absolutely, positively LOVE kid art. This collection of artists are mostly related to me. However, this Blog is inspired by my neighbor, who made her mama a "LOVE" sign. She sold them to raise money for her church. (wow!) I saw it, and I immediately fell in, well...LOVE. 

Please take a moment to enjoy my extensive, funny, sweet and beautiful showcase.
 It has taken me years to collect. ;)  
Do what the art tells you to do...LOVE!  

By: Izzy Herbst
I have had this for years. I think I inherited it. ;) 

By: Reagan Flynn
She made this for Gil for his First Christmas

By: Tory Herbst
Yep...you read right. Tory was probably about 10 when she made this. It makes me laugh. 

By: Avery Hartzell
 When Gil started standing, he made this for me. How sweet!

By: Gil Shephard (and Tina Hartzell)
The red marks are Gil's fingerprints. sigh. 

Once I get everything unpacked, found, and up on the walls, I'll do a Part II of my "Kid Art". There is so much more! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whet your PALLET

Like, wow. There is a new trend out there, and I feel that I have a front row seat for it. (For once. Ever.) Wood pallets are now becoming building blocks and crafting features in homes all over. Wow. Like, wow. It's smart. They are wood, fairly sturdy, and easily available. Typical North American dimensions for a pallet are 4'-0" x 3'-4", just so you know. 

I say I am in the front row because for three five eleven years now, I have done industrial upfits. And guess what? The tenants store on pallets. Wood ones, as high as the eye can see. Now, this type of interior design isn't done for the glory or the high dollar magazine shots. Or, it wasn't at least. When I see a pallet, I see lighting, bird seed, adhesives and or various commodities stored, wrapped up tight with plastic and ready to ship.

BUT, some people see other things. I am amazed, and happy that all that wood will maybe find a new home, once it is done holding up goods for shipment. Or maybe, pallet sales go through the roof (YES above the sprinkler line! okay, I'll stop) and I get to upfit a huge pallet factory one day. A girl can dream. 

Here are some cool and creative pallet uses, found of course, on Pinterest. 

Source: webecoist.com via Beth on Pinterest

Source: spoki.lv via Beth on Pinterest

...and I could go on! 
Lastly, I have been hard at work on a few blog posts, but I haven't quite finished up the projects to share. They are coming, and I am so excited to finally show you! Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cut me, Mick.

 I have a little penchant for the Rocky movies. (All but Rocky V) My cat's name is Apollo Creed, I had a Rocky Matchbox car as a kid, Gil has a Rocky shirt, and I have displayed the portion of sheet music to the theme song. (See lower right frame) Don't think for a minute that I don't have it on my iPod also. 

Here is another quick, inexpensive project. ($2 per 8x10 frame and parts of sheet music. Mine happens be be just portions of the whole song , so I ain't missin' it.) Frame sheet music. It's that easy. Now, sheet music is a little longer and wider than an 8x10 frame, so the toughest part of this is centering the page. I got this idea from the IKEA catalogue from this past year. They featured a room that had loose sheet music tacked up on the wall. The cool thing is, you can put these in any frame and put any song up. Maybe your wedding song. Maybe your favorite song. Maybe a song you wrote! 

Here's what I came up with:

But wait...one is uneven...

Just take some electrical tape and "prop" up the lower picture. 
(See, there it is. The Rocky theme song) 

 Fold it. 

Tape itIt doesn't have to be pretty! 

Much better! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So I Was Thinking...

Hi! I was looking at my previous post "Another Quick Update!", and saw huge open walls everywhere. Huge open walls especially in the family room, where the bookcase is. Hmm...what to do?

Last night, in that very room, on that very sofa, I was going through old mail. 
(Life is so exciting sometimes!)
I came across a CB2 catalogue. It's the "younger and hipper and more budget friendly " sister of Crate and Barrel. They feature large scale designs with bold designs.Twelve hours later, I decided to check out their web page. I need large scale. I need bold. I saw this:

It would be awesome to frame, but I may need to buy the hanging rails for $19.95, also from CB.2 for now. 

So that would take care of one side of the book case. Then what? Let's make this useful too. I got it. I'll cover a magnetic board in fabric. for kids. For kids and their magnetic letters. Yes! Bold!

Maybe this:

or this:

Or maybe one of these from IKEA. (a little easier on the budget) 

I'll let you know how this develops! I just know the outcome will be completely different, but here's an idea to work from, or actually finish! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Quick Update!

 The neatest corner of the play room. 
 Bookcase is up, now to add to the wall, slip cover and paint the tables
 This was huge. We have a bedroom. 
Another corner of our "way too big" bedroom

We're getting there! Have a nice day!