Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So I Was Thinking...

Hi! I was looking at my previous post "Another Quick Update!", and saw huge open walls everywhere. Huge open walls especially in the family room, where the bookcase is. Hmm...what to do?

Last night, in that very room, on that very sofa, I was going through old mail. 
(Life is so exciting sometimes!)
I came across a CB2 catalogue. It's the "younger and hipper and more budget friendly " sister of Crate and Barrel. They feature large scale designs with bold designs.Twelve hours later, I decided to check out their web page. I need large scale. I need bold. I saw this:

It would be awesome to frame, but I may need to buy the hanging rails for $19.95, also from CB.2 for now. 

So that would take care of one side of the book case. Then what? Let's make this useful too. I got it. I'll cover a magnetic board in fabric. for kids. For kids and their magnetic letters. Yes! Bold!

Maybe this:

or this:

Or maybe one of these from IKEA. (a little easier on the budget) 

I'll let you know how this develops! I just know the outcome will be completely different, but here's an idea to work from, or actually finish! 


  1. Me too! I saw the IKEA prints first, but was head over heels when I saw the Marimekko prints. MUST HAVE!