Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kid Art

I have quite a collection of rare art. It's one of a kind, and the artists, quite obscure.  I won't write much, other than to tell you how much I  absolutely, positively LOVE kid art. This collection of artists are mostly related to me. However, this Blog is inspired by my neighbor, who made her mama a "LOVE" sign. She sold them to raise money for her church. (wow!) I saw it, and I immediately fell in, well...LOVE. 

Please take a moment to enjoy my extensive, funny, sweet and beautiful showcase.
 It has taken me years to collect. ;)  
Do what the art tells you to do...LOVE!  

By: Izzy Herbst
I have had this for years. I think I inherited it. ;) 

By: Reagan Flynn
She made this for Gil for his First Christmas

By: Tory Herbst read right. Tory was probably about 10 when she made this. It makes me laugh. 

By: Avery Hartzell
 When Gil started standing, he made this for me. How sweet!

By: Gil Shephard (and Tina Hartzell)
The red marks are Gil's fingerprints. sigh. 

Once I get everything unpacked, found, and up on the walls, I'll do a Part II of my "Kid Art". There is so much more! 

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