Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whet your PALLET

Like, wow. There is a new trend out there, and I feel that I have a front row seat for it. (For once. Ever.) Wood pallets are now becoming building blocks and crafting features in homes all over. Wow. Like, wow. It's smart. They are wood, fairly sturdy, and easily available. Typical North American dimensions for a pallet are 4'-0" x 3'-4", just so you know. 

I say I am in the front row because for three five eleven years now, I have done industrial upfits. And guess what? The tenants store on pallets. Wood ones, as high as the eye can see. Now, this type of interior design isn't done for the glory or the high dollar magazine shots. Or, it wasn't at least. When I see a pallet, I see lighting, bird seed, adhesives and or various commodities stored, wrapped up tight with plastic and ready to ship.

BUT, some people see other things. I am amazed, and happy that all that wood will maybe find a new home, once it is done holding up goods for shipment. Or maybe, pallet sales go through the roof (YES above the sprinkler line! okay, I'll stop) and I get to upfit a huge pallet factory one day. A girl can dream. 

Here are some cool and creative pallet uses, found of course, on Pinterest. 

Source: via Beth on Pinterest

Source: via Beth on Pinterest

...and I could go on! 
Lastly, I have been hard at work on a few blog posts, but I haven't quite finished up the projects to share. They are coming, and I am so excited to finally show you! Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love it! I have a worn out old pallet in the garage, just waiting for the prefect project to present itself for the magical transformation. My husband keep asking me when I'm going to get rid of it. Never!

  2. I can't believe this is happening. I see pallets everyday. I hope you do something great with yours. I feel like I have to get my hands on one and create! There are so many broken ones all around warehouses that I see. I should set up a "broken pallet dump site" ha! New pallets are plastic and have GPS on them for retrieval adn re-use. Not as fun as their predecessors, I suppose.