Monday, March 19, 2012

Quick Update - Entry

My home's entryway. This was tough. I wanted a huge impact as you stepped into our interior world, but what to do? Well, I can say it is finally doesnt' look so much like a dorm anymore, so we have that going for us. This was actually worked on this weekend out of necessity. The floor here is not actually hardwood, it's vinyl. grr. (There is a place for everything, and residential grade vinyl in a high traffic entrance is not it.) We were scratching it like a record, so off to IKEA we went to pick up a rug. 

Now, I have a saved and ever growing shopping list on the IKEA site. I envisioned this rug to maintain my black and white theme: 

Jorun Rug

And we ended up purchasing this: 
Valby Ruta

The Entry looks like this: 

I am working on getting rid of that light. It's not awful, it's just bad for this entry

Don't mind the junk in the back left! 

We almost left IKEA empty handed. This frightened and confused us both. But the more we both thought about it, and the farther we got from the rug section, we decided to go back. I had hung the Rothko a few weeks ago, and that, to me, was a sign. The rug would look perfect with it, so we snaked all the way back through, Gil in tow. We are very happy with our choice. It's got a traditional look, yes, and I wasn't exactly looking for that style, but it works well. It is warm and welcoming, and that is what I love about it. 

This table was a piece of junk from a less-than-attractive dining set from my Aunt. This was one of the first pieces that my mom had painted (since then, she's gone wild with color and patterns and they are so very wonderful) She gave it the old  'Shabby chic'  look. 
The wooden bowl was made by my hubby's friend's father. I love it! The vase is from TJ Maxx and the orchid is from Michael's. I can't remember where in the world the lamp is from. (Remember, I am pregnant.) Oh, and the "runner" is from The Gap. It's a scarf. :) 

On the other side, the little vase is a cast off from Penland School of Craft and Design. The potters set out their misfit projects, and you can leave a few dollars for the local SPCA and nab some of these gems. We always get a few when we visit. The  picture in the background, 'Save Ferris', is by your truly. 


  1. I like a large carpet in an entry, it's very welcoming. Good choice because this carpet design doesn't go out of style over time.
    It's pretty your black piano with the black and white photo on the wall.

  2. Thank you! That's a great way to look at it. The rug we bought is definitely more timeless. Thank goodness the piano has made it! Now, to get her tuned!