Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cut me, Mick.

 I have a little penchant for the Rocky movies. (All but Rocky V) My cat's name is Apollo Creed, I had a Rocky Matchbox car as a kid, Gil has a Rocky shirt, and I have displayed the portion of sheet music to the theme song. (See lower right frame) Don't think for a minute that I don't have it on my iPod also. 

Here is another quick, inexpensive project. ($2 per 8x10 frame and parts of sheet music. Mine happens be be just portions of the whole song , so I ain't missin' it.) Frame sheet music. It's that easy. Now, sheet music is a little longer and wider than an 8x10 frame, so the toughest part of this is centering the page. I got this idea from the IKEA catalogue from this past year. They featured a room that had loose sheet music tacked up on the wall. The cool thing is, you can put these in any frame and put any song up. Maybe your wedding song. Maybe your favorite song. Maybe a song you wrote! 

Here's what I came up with:

But is uneven...

Just take some electrical tape and "prop" up the lower picture. 
(See, there it is. The Rocky theme song) 

 Fold it. 

Tape itIt doesn't have to be pretty! 

Much better! 


  1. Ha ha, Rocky!!! Funny! I had never like this movie! It takes all sorts to make a world :) But I like your idea and tue result is great! Next to Rocky song, is it the "Javanaise" song from Serge Gainsbourg? This is one of my favorites of this singer ;)

  2. Rocky hater? Oh no! :) I guess you like good quality movies! ;)
    I am not sure about the Javanaise song. I am getting my piano this weekend, and I can try it out! hooray for that! Have a great weekend, Elsa!

  3. No, I don't hate Rocky ;) it's not my favorite movie, that's all ;) This film has had great success in France.
    This is a link about La Javanaise that I know. Maybe is not the same song.

  4. No worries! I am interested to see if that is the same song! I posted it only because it was beautiful looking and it was a partial set. It must have been my sister's music. I have to wait until Gil is asleep because when he is "playing" the piano, we are not allowed to touch it. :)