Monday, November 16, 2009

From the files of "How cool is this?" Part II

Hello! I have been really busy in the past few weeks at work, which is my own personal "How cool is this?", so I haven't had a ton of time that I usually allot to researching World War II Bunker design, mountain town art schools, or White Supremacist toy peddlers. I suppose I will have to figure out time management again. *sigh* I have decided to show you another installment of trends and designs in my world of interior design. I hope you enjoy, and I hope all is well in your worlds!

The candles and candle holders are from This site is featured in some of my design magazines and never fails to "wow" me with unique items from home decor to jewelry.

I am totally in love (and have been for many years) with ornate or plain furniture with funky color and/or fabric combinations. This below is a shining example, but not necessarily a cheap one. This piece can go in a more modern setting or, dare I say, a traditional one? The table below can be found at and is called the Palazzo Caponi Console. Love it, love it, love it.This here below isn't necessarily what you'd see in my dream home, but I thought it was really cool anyway. The picture is hard to see, but if you look closely at the glass, there is a tv screen embedded in the glass. Although it is super cool technology, I am not sure why we are pushed to the development edge on this one, or simply why there is a need to watch TV while scrubbing your pearls with the last of your Colgate paste. This puts me in mind of an old classmate in college. he was very "gadgety" and usually had this type of stuff in his projects. Good old Casey. This, and more information can be found at

I should probably apologize to you ,my reader, for a few reasons.

1. I haven't blogged in ages. I realize that you aren't up in the wee hours (like I am now), wondering if I could pull together a few paragraphs on something feigning design blogging. But, you as my reader, deserve more out of me, so I will try harder: for you.

2. I couldn't sleep. For all I know, this is written in "wingding" font. And, if it isn't, it probably makes as much sense.

There is a light at the end of the long dark tunnel of tuning into my blog. I am getting ready to head literally half way around the world to Tasmania. I will have (hopefully) a series of blogs on my adventures with my new husband, who right now, is tucked warmly in our bed upstairs, perhaps even dreaming of sugarplums ('tis the season). Maybe he is awake though, and wondering where the "eff "I am.

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  1. Wait, Tasmania?

    And double wait.

    World War II Bunker design? Who knew you were as strange as I am...I spent the better part of a trip in 1995 wandering around Berlin looking for remnants of bunkers...