Monday, July 26, 2010

The new adventures of Bshep

Just a year ago my, shall we say, partner in life, and I decided to get married. It was quite romantic (to me) and (not so) "run of the mill". We were in Niagara Falls, leaving for my parents to see my brother for his birthday.

First on the priority list was deciding to sit down and eat at The Como, a slightly Paison diner that serves free pancakes with every order. I mention this only because it makes Nate visibly angry. I have no problem with it. (These were the days that I could eat runny eggs to my hearts delight!)

A few sips of coffee, and some complaining about the impending pancakes, we made it to the marriage conversation. Always an interesting turn of topic when you go from syrup to spending the rest of your life with the person across from you at a fake wood table and 40 year old decor surrounding you. Long story short, I don't like diamonds, didn't want one, and the decision was made with Nate saying "Let's do this". So we did. We got married, moved in together, went to Tasmania, and now I am 26 weeks pregnant. What a year!

Happy 8 month anniversary to us! And so it begins...

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