Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 238

I can't help but notice...
that Autumn is trying to visit. Okay, okay, it's still 90 degrees, but it's in the 60's in the morning. Good enough for me...for now. Admittedly, I am missing Upstate NY in a major way. I always do in September.


  1. I like the autumn, the colorful leaves, the rain, the afternoon tea ... I do not mean that the days are getting shorter, it is very cool in the morning and you need a jacket, and that soon I must free the window of my car back from the ice.

  2. Here autumn is approaching too... it's not my favorite season ... :(

  3. Ah yes, fall, and all that goes with it. I love a little jacket as well, but that is true that icy cars, roads and dirty snow are soon to follow.

    MB - You don't like Fall? What is your favorite season? As a kid I always loved winter, but in NY its about 5 months until the weather breaks and that got old. I live in the South now, and it is much more mild. I think I love fall because it is so fleeting here.

    I hoep you both have a nice weekend!!!