Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 301

Found messages
Ah, I love finding graffiti and little notes at site visits. Whether it be on a bathroom wall, or in a warehouse, it's usually a solid source for a good laugh.

The first shot is of the word live as in "live wire", and that is most likely what it was, at one point attached to; a live wire. I took it differently though. I saw it as a message to me. A message telling me to live. It was a little reminder that there is so much good around me, and I need to see it, appreciate it and share it. So, I am sharing this found message with you - LIVE. Take it as you need it. Take is as a pick-me-up, a reminder, or just a reason to take another breath in this beautiful and bountiful world. As for Carlos, he sucks.


  1. my boyfriend and i had a highway overpass. it was on our way home, and that's how we gauged how far either of us was from our apartments. oh, we're at "^&%* *&*% noise" just now. be home in 20"

    it was a very vulgar piece of graffiti, so i won't repeat it here.

  2. as for carlos....haha !