Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quick update!

Holy Moses, it's been awhile since I have update you on the house.I was looking through my old posts, and things have changed a little around here. The changes are more intangible than illustrative with two growing babies, but slowly, surely our environment here meets our ever changing needs with just a dash of pure impulse and non-necessity. After the holidays, I can promise there will be more revisions, more little projects and a whole lot of cozy, wintry bliss around here.

A crucifix made by Gil hangs over our kitchen sink

No change here. I just like the morning light.

Our dining room was transformed into a home office. It looks a little funny, but is a fantastic work space.

Our still-empty living room.

There was a circus tent where the chair is now. Now all of our seating in the playroom is in one place, but not safe from toy invasions, as shown here.

Gil's room. Yes, he has a "beddy"?!

Dresser top view in Gil's room.

Psychedelic Piggy Bank

The nursery. Yes, the new curtains have pink flowers. They look good for now, so it's okay. Yes, it is.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go check on the baby, get ready for a run, and celebrate that we made the list for a farm fresh turkey. Until next time...

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  1. Beth, Shannon told me about your blog site and I have spent the past hour glued to my computer admiring your work and that of your Mom. I knew she re-upholstered furniture, had no idea she did the painting so much like Mackenzie-Child's. So unique and beautiful, as are your creations. You are wonderfully talented! I will check in again. Linda B.