Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mecklenburg County Fee and Grading Revisions in Effect July 1, 2009

Greetings all! This is my first shot at blogging and I know what you are thinking…an interior designer will be boring, stuffy and full of herself. That may all be true.
I also want this to be informational, creative and inspiring to you. I would like to take you on a journey through green design, building codes, inspections and artful practices of the Architectural world.

My mission this month is to remind the contractors and deal makers in Mecklenburg County that starting July 1, 2009, there are changes with plan review fees. There is a new proposed permit fee schedule.

Effective July 1, 2009
Total Construction Cost Fees

$1-$3,000 $60.00 Minimum Fee – not requiring a plan review

$1-$7,000 $ 80.00 Minimum Fee – Commercial projects requiring a plan review

$3,001 - $50,000 $60.00 + $12.25 per $1,000 or part over $3,000

$50,001 - $100,000 $635.75 + $5.52 per $1,000 or part over $50,000

$100,000 - $150,000 $900.71 + $5.96 per $1,000 or part over $100,000

$150,001 - $250,000 $1,198.71 +$4.62 per $1,000 or part over $150,000

$250,001 to $1 Million $1,660.71 plus $5.07 per $1,000 or part over $250,000

$1,000,001 - $10 Million $5,463.21 +$2.66 per $1,000 or part over $1 million

Over $10,000,000 $29,405.87 +$1.36 per $1,000 or part over $10 million

We at BJW Architecture have been diligent to attend meetings and Public Hearings on upcoming changes. After all, we are now not only going to be judged on our clashing purse and belt combo, but also on our pass/fail rate at the County, just like contractors. All professional seal holders (Architects and Engineers) per project will now be “graded” and siphoned into one of three categories.

(in high school terms – honor students)
These are the BMOC. The seal holder may schedule Express Reviews, Rehab, Onschedule and Pool reviews. There are some new incentives that will be in place that are also, well…. good incentives. They include “walk through” service and review schedule preference. These are all new concepts developed by the County and are subject to change, so I’ll keep you posted!

(Average? 50% would have landed you without car keys for the weekend)
This “Joe” can do most everything that a Superior Performer can do EXCEPT Priority review, walk through review, and peer reviews. Think: now. The average performer will be able to do of all that is offered today at Mecklenburg County.

(kind of a misnomer since some of these blokes may drive a Lexus)
This Level prohibits a seal holder from Express Reviews and “Pool” projects. A “Pool” is a revision that does not need a re-review date. This will also require advance meetings regarding the Appendix B and gatekeeper-ready documentation. The outcome of being a poor performer is that there will be more time spent in permitting.

This all pertains to the way seal holders (Architects and Engineers) are allowed to manage your projects in the county system. Hopefully, you as clients, do not see any fallout from this new system. By the way, not to brag, but I did graduate with honors….from High School, at least, so I am used to life at the top.

For more information about the Pass/Fail rate at Mecklenburg County, click on the link below:


There are also changes (again) to the North Carolina State Building Code itself. It is now called The 2009 NC State Building Code (Imagine Shadoe Steven’s voice in bold, please. Re-read if necessary). The new code is still based on the 2003 IBC, but has amendments exclusively for NC.

I am signing off for now. If you have any specific topics or questions you would like for me to explore, I’ll be happy to take your feedback. I promise a more rousing topic for the next post. Stay tuned! And, as always, have a nice day!

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