Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Positive Outlook for Business in the Design Community

In the midst of this great….um…recession, (I don’t dare say the D word), I have recently noticed that the media has tried to spin every story into a positive one, or shuffle to the side the negativity and report “feel good stories” like how a dog saves his family from a burning house. When I received my quarterly, and very anticipated copy of Boutique Design, I thumbed through. All the articles are pretty much the same timbre; happy, positive and upbeat. I want to follow suit.
There is an article in this magazine entitled “The Boutique 18 Take Flight” by Rebecca Goldberg which has taken eighteen highly successful people in the design biz and had them answer six questions. One of those six questions is “2009 has been a challenge. What opportunities have developed?”

Alexis Readinger, an Architect at Preen, Inc. in La says,
“ 2009 has brought a fresh commitment to sustainability and a much needed emphasis on integrity. I thank the 60’s movement for what will be our saving”

I agree! Ironically, an economic slump is giving way to a historically expensive type of design. It is about time!

Michelle Aitala From Ralph Gentile Architects says in response to this question,
“ What opportunities do I see - Available storefronts! At some point the economy will turn around, and I think opportunities will emerge from people want to open or re-model restaurants, spas, hotels and casinos. We’ll be here for their interior design needs.”

Nice!! What a great outlook in this dismal path the economy is in!!

Erin Nichols from Wilson Associates says,
“Due to the current state of the economy, jobs are few and far off compared to the past couple of years. I think now is the time to get back to basics and focus on the importance of our relationships and client interaction. Also, maintaining a clear focus on taking design to a new level. Now is our opportunity to dream big!”

Very optimistic!!

I wanted to share those quotes to provide a upward look at design, it’s future and yours. We can all have hope if we want it. Asami Tachikawa-Choe states in her interview, “Detox, conserve and stay optimistic.” Isn’t that all we can do? Oh, one more thing, have a nice day!

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