Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 117

It was one of those mornings...
It was cloudy, yet the sun was desperately trying to break through, which made for a beautiful backdrop to an otherwise boring Monday morning commute. This emulates the work of Little Postcards "Slices of Sky" entry, but I kept the color in mine because it added a layer of interest that I couldn't get with the black and white alone, like Alexandria was able to do. (You should check it out, the shots are beautiful!)


  1. Oh dear this is your morning look? A storm front? What was then the day?

  2. Let me preface my statement by telling you I ramped up the "contrast" on the picture. today has ended up being gloomy, about 20C. It is a nice change, but it keeps you inside because it has looked like rain for 3 days now!
    (I should be working anyway!)
    Have a nice day!