Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Dishing" on my bathroom drawers

My second home lately has been Pinterest. As much as I resisted taking my dear friend up on my invitation, I succumbed eventually. If you have ever seen Salem's Lot, it was like the scene where Danny Glick came to the window and gently scratched until his little friend came out so he can turn him into the undead. Similar. Different outcome, I suppose, but that email invitation was my Danny Glick for awhile. 

Anyway, I have been finding little projects and unpacking and discovering little trinkets and accessories (which seems like a major excavation at this point). I pinned this:

And came up with this:

I started with this...ewww

Measured twice, cut once...

Lined the cabinet floor with vinyl (awesome) wallcovering. Cleanable folks.

Added my sushi plates...

Had a nostalgic moment over my "Fun Fruits" sharpener. It's from the 80's. I love you, Nicki.

To this! Organized!

Look below the ceramics. Oh my. That, my friends, is sparkly vinyl (cleanable) wall covering. I had a rep from Eyekon (WWW.EYEKON.NET) come visit me at work today two months ago, and I immediately fell in love. I wasted no time ordering a sample for this very project (and have had it way too long). Again, I took a little spray glue to the back. Commercial wall covering adhesive is no joke, and the power and strength (and aggravation of installation) is not necessary in a drawer. Now, I may feel a little more glamorous while "putting on my face".

I have future plans for more this wall covering in gold. Two words: Closet ceiling. 

Yes, I know the intent was for jewelry storage, but I have a tough time digging through a pile pf plastic boxes, containers and creams to find what I need in the morning. These dishes are also washable, so that helps too. I didn't realize how many of these little sushi servers I had, but I'd say it worked out well. 

An aside: I would have loved different patterns, teacups and bright colorful inspirations just like the Pinterest post. However, I am working on a plate project, and it is not easy to collect and  assemble a grouping of plates for a yellow wall. On this one, I used what I had, if nothing else to get it done, 100% free of charge. 


  1. Nice organization! I lke very much these sushi plates, they have so delicate colors and patterns.

  2. Yes,and I have had them for years, and were given to me by two different people. They must look like my style!