Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Little Lost in Love and "Landlord hood"

Hi. I wish this post was all about a 'before and after' project that I have kept secret for a few weeks. It's not.  My belly is growing and the simple task of twisting is a serious challenge. Nevertheless, I have been a busy bee around the house. As of May 1st, our other house has a tenant! We spent the last few weeks, painting polishing, vacuuming and touching up the fixtures there, and have had a chance to enjoy our new home a little more while finding respite from the last minute mayhem of landlord hood. 

Of course, all the spit shining and dirt removing did not prevent the air conditioning to not work. Oh yes, a blind side! Luckily, I have a great contact that helped me out and repaired it, instead of replacing the unit. So now, we must focus back to the house. You know, THE house. 

Nate has quickly been overwhelmed with all the things we still need to do at THE house. I keep telling him not to worry and it'll be done when it's done. It's a classic Beth-Nate situation. I have spent the hard working weeks envisioning and prioritizing future new furniture, the painting projects and of course, the "secret playroom" design, so I certainly haven't given up on the house. I never will. 

Admittedly lately, I have been lost in love. As we get our newborn clothes out, reassemble the swing and stock the cabinets with bottles and formula, we make room for the new little one. Our hearts are growing and swelling with love bursting from all valves and vessels. With pregnancy, my tears flow like rivers at any Mother's Day commercial, any thought of hugging my boys, or knowing I'll see my husband hold his second son moments after that first cry. 

...and then there's my husband. I decided to write our tale of love. (It's a long one, from my view point)  It has plunged me deep into my own soul and I have explored the deepest depths of it and have reconvened with my highest highs. I have appreciated the road we have taken together (and apart), and I have just been simply head over heels over him, realizing that us together wasn't purely a decision. It was a must. I haven't finished it yet. It's a little tough to write at parts, so it'll take a little more time and strength for sure. 

I have just been lost in the love around me. Lost in the reports from the hubby that I get in the morning about the Yankees' pitching staff even though I don't really wonder about it, or the Rangers win. Lost in the moment Gil sees Nate and runs to him with pure and true happiness. Lost in the excited anticipation of the brothers together and bonding forever. Lost in Nate's worry that Mother's Day won't be enough. It will be, I promise. 


  1. What a wonderful, well, heartfelt written post. I love all the love you feel, and feel the same, yet don't know how to write it with the eloquence you possess. I am so elated for you guys and can't wait for you to be a mom...for the second time. Seeing the bond between siblings, from your own kid's eyes, is unbelievably special. Congrats.

  2. Thank you, Leigh! We both have so much to look forward to these days, and trust me - I thank my lucky stars every day for all the love I have and am able to give. Cheers to you, Brian, Payton and Griffin!