Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Little Tradition will Begin

My husband loves our son (obviously). He can barely contain his excitement at the idea that in a few months, we'll have another to hold and kiss and cradle and hug.  My husband also, hadn't been able to celebrate Father's Day , since he lost his Dad 23 years ago. This past year, I took the boys out and took some pictures and made the day super special, and just for him. This year, we'll do the same. 

A few posts ago, I told you about how I plan on preparing all old family pictures in our retro-modern (hopefully) dining room/living/entry way. At the stair landing, in the same room we mounted a picture of Nate and his Dad from 1980. It's old, but not that old. It's in the room, but not really. It's a perfect location. It's kind of a transition up the stairs into the modern day chaos we call the playroom. 

This is where it begins...

After I saw it, I had an Epiphany. (Oh, yes, I did!) We'll frame some photos from every Father's Day, black and white, and run them up the stairs in chronological order. Yes, that's it! I have wanted a nice tradition in photos with Gil, but I couldn't figure anything out that wasn't already tired or too corny. Here it is, we have or tradition. 

Father's Day 2011:

I'll pick two or three shots from each year, frame them and mount them.  I'll be sure to update you on this progress of this one. I guess first, we need to paint the wall! 


  1. What a good idea! And it will be a beautiful tradition now for your family.

  2. Thank you! I am looking forward to the many years of the boys on the wall. I hope you are well!

  3. I can't imagine choosing the'll use. I love every one of these pictures !!!

  4. Peg(gy) (I love that, by the way)
    Stay tuned. We hung them this weekend in great anticipation of the SECOND Father's Day that our dear Nathan has been able to celebrate in oh-so-many years. It's very special. We figure if we only have the two kids, at two pictures a year for 20 years, there will be 40 pictures just in the stairwell. Three men in my life documented right there for me to admire and show off to everyone! I am so in love with this project!