Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chip Away, Chip Away, Chip Away... Dixieland

I am not conventionally organized. (read: I am a mess), and my husband is very orderly. A lot of the time, that's oil and vinegar, but with the house planning and design execution, it has turned out to be a good thing. Our lack of funds for extra things also helped me reign in my wild imagination and prioritize my purchases. ( I call it the Charlie Bucket life.) We meet somewhere in the middle when it comes to selecting projects for each weekend.  

Here is some advice for you. (I am typically not an advice disher) 

Make a list, and chip away. That's it. A lot of websites these days will allow you to create a shopping list, but of course there is always Pinterest to store your ideas, colors and final design plans. (I certainly take advantage)

We have a running shopping list at IKEA online (shocking, right?). I found it to be just as rewarding to remove an item or two from the list. With a penny in my pocket, I did still feel like I was getting things done, and rooms were coming together. 

I would only put a few items in my radar at a time. This has saved me from imminent failure. I stood in our family room (the one with the fireplace) just a few days ago, and started tho think about what still needed to be done and what needed to be purchased. Don't do that. It just worries you, trust me. I put the "things" into dollars, then the dollars into our budget, and in a few "carry the one's" in my head, I wasn't too inspired, or pleased, or underwhelmed. 

The house will come along. It will. It has already, but sometimes it's that final product that you can hardly wait for. What I have to remember is that there is no final product. What fun would that be? I have my chocolate factory. Now, I just need to keep developing the "Three Course Dinner Gum" so no one turns into a blueberry. 

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