Monday, April 16, 2012

Quick Update - Living Spaces

The family room.
It's getting there, but if you don't mind, please replace the excer-saucer with a womb chair. Just for now.
I am beginning to like the color and movement in this room. Now, I need to tighten it up.   

My little work station
I haven't used it much yet, so it's still nice and neat, and a little stiff. 

Table (*piano bench*)close up
This was black, but we needed a lighter tone. Notice the black coffee table to the right. Not for long! 
Bonus Room
We have the bones of the upstairs playroom. This will hopefully change and get some great color in the next month or so. Fingers crossed! beautiful, wonderful, quiet water heater.
This is where our money went this month, but I tell you, it's great. Look at the booster pump on it. Wow. 


  1. Hi Beth,

    All your rooms are so light and airy,
    may have to get a white paint brush out,
    and de-clutter some more my self,
    I have started.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hi Beth,
    Just catching up! Beautiful rooms.
    Hope you're doing well

  3. Thank you, Stu! I am glad this was an inspiration! As I decorate, I am adding more and more lightness to my very dark furniture. I hope to create a good, natural balance. Have a nice day!

    Sy! Hello! Thanks for checking in, and welcome back to England! Your Blog is as beautiful and fun to admire as always!

  4. Looks great! I'm jealous of your water heater. (Okay. I never thought those words would EVER leave my mouth!!! Ah. 30's.) 5 people and 1 bath means bathing/showering in shifts at the moment! Twins are on night duty. ;)