Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This week - Easy Street

Hello everyone! I have been more than lazy at the house this week. I needed a little reprieve. Things have happened there, though. We will have Internet and cable this week, and we are picking up a new TV for the living room. Nothing large, nothing technologically mind blowing. Just a little guy to stream Apple TV and some baseball games. (162 of them or so) We did, however, do some living. We went to the beach. We played in puddles. We cuddled and loved each other.  This week is Easter, and happy one to you all! We'll be indulging in local meats and veggies for a big Easter meal. After that, back to work! I hope your week is filled with warmer breezes, a thought to make you smile and at least one good hug from someone you love. 

Here are some beach moments to share from our week: 


  1. Nice pictures! You're lucky to live near the beach, it's beautiful place.

  2. We live a few hours away, but we visit at least once a year. It's always nice to see the ocean. Gil fell in love!