Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something Old

Hi there! I want to start by letting you know that I have been attempting some posts about various dishwasher adventures, Roadhouse and the awful 40's style that is marauding out in the land of design these days. I have deleted exactly two posts on accident. Boo. I haven't forgotten the house, the adventure or the fun of moving into a foreclosed home. (eesh)

I have been thinking, for the entry, living room, and dining area, that we'd do a throwback to a cross decade "vintage" look, with just a dash of a twenty first century feel. I thought about this because the only place for my art deco armiore is in that room. The room itself is already black, white and gray, so what the heck? 

Now the room needs a little nostalgia. (and some chairs, but we'll get to that later) What better than to cover the walls with none other than old family pictures. Yes! We already have one blown up and hung in an oval frame. 

It's my dad in the carriage there. Cute, huh? I love grandma's style! It was 1942, by the way. Sorry dad, but remember, mom is still older. 

I have these pictures:

My dad and Aunt Jeanne - I just love this one. What a stud. 

Grandma and Grandpa Herbst (on right) 

...and more of my mom's family, not to mention hubby's kin. I think that these pics will bring a little swagger to the room that a modern shot just can't swing, you get me 
daddy-o? I also like seeing all these pictures up to display our heritage, even if Grandma Julia (not shown above)  has on 3 dresses and stolen shoes. ;) 

No matter what the art on the wall is, I always think that it should mean something to you, and it should invoke conversation. I think we get that done with the huge picture of screaming children from the 40's, yeah? 

My to do list for this room (in order of wishing)

1. Get seating. (I am thinking of buying a twin of our zebra chair in Gil's room and making a little seating area and perhaps a chaise lounge. yum.
2. Pick an accent color. My head always goes to chartreuse. The more I think about it, the more I like it. I must tread lightly so not to over do that one, however. 
3. Get wall cabinets from, guess!, IKEA. They are perfect for that huge open, boring, expansive wall. 
4. Paint the armiore a sexy black. (or just watch my mom do it. that would be just fine too.) 
5. Get a rug. Perhaps a shag. I'd love white, but hubby would go off the deep end with that one. 
6. Get a proper dining table. At first, I thought I wanted a rustic table. Now, I think I want a sleek one in here and I will replace the island in the kitchen with a rustic chopping block or barn wood table. Yes, yes, that makes more sense. 

In the meantime, I have to go cultivate a baby, make dinner, and upfit a warehouse or two and try to find a loving cat a new home. Bye for now! 


  1. ah! can't wait to see it. so exciting. and i LOVE that black frame and photo with your dad in the carriage. priceless.

  2. I can't wait to see it either! ;)
    I had one printed up and bought an identical frame for my parents as well. This started in Gil's room in the old house. We thought that he should be surrounded by good people...