Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let's talk about the bath

As the summer heat rolls in from the South and bear down hard on us in North Carolina, we have been busy here. Really busy. Exhausting busy. My career job has been nuts. The economy has kicked warehousing upfits in the big box butt. I know, because I am work. all the time. It's a good thing, but enough about that. Hubby was supposed to go home this week to visit our family in NY, but my physical (and slow) state and Gil's new teeth kept him close this week.  Nate has done some work! Take a look...


By luck, the ill fitting rug in our master bath fits perfectly in this hall bath, and happens to match the walls. I couldn't believe it, but I guess you just gravitate toward the styles and colors that you just simply like.

I had spray painted the traditional medicine cabinet (not the coolest one in town, admittedly). I took it to another level by splashing a metallic on it. (okay, "another level" is a bit hyperbolic. It is) At the time, I didn't know what color the walls would be, but it actually works because it blends into the background.

I don't like the light. I really didn't like it before we painted. It was out of place. Guess what? It's staying. I am the "electrician" (Read: the one not afraid to fry), and I am not climbing up on a sink to change it out.
#1. for the obvious reason. The baby.

#2. With a house like we have, there are ALWAYS surprises behind the walls, especially in the bathrooms. I don't know what that is. It just is. I guess since the house was most likely built in 30 minutes or less could be a good reason. This is why I just cannot change the towel racks. I am afraid. I did in the old house, and wow. It was a mess in that wall.

#3. Somehow, in some way the dark hardware now looks like we tried to do it because we have some other dark highlights and accents. hmmm... I'll deal with it. It works, right? (P.S. I'd never select this light, so I didn't "try" at all.)

#4. We have a baby to pay for. Priorities.

Okay enough of the light. The art I have had, and I love the koi.

We now just need:
A Window treatment
New cover plates
A little more decor including
Towels to match

I think we're off to a good start here...

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