Monday, June 4, 2012

Turning the Corner (in an endless maze of work)

"Hey babe, I think we're turning the corner" 
That's what I hear from dear ol' hubby every month or so. In our lives, there are a lot of corners, but as long as we keep turning them, we're good. We are almost to the point in the house where the work will get fun, and creative, and probably expensive. Nate finished the painting in the stair well this past weekend. To any mortal man, this is just more than a hassle. To Nate, he is afraid of heights and a perfectionist, and hates the huge off-center chandelier in sed stairwell. It was a challenge, but I tell you, it looks fantastic, and I was sure to tell him so. 
Remember, you don't have to buy different paint containers - use food containers! 

Trim complete. Light is in the way. Yes.

Nate changed the light bulbs while he was up there. There was no way he was going to put the  B*$*% ladder on his newly painted walls again! 

Now, he just needs to (he alone, because he won't let me help):

1. Paint the upstairs hallway (the paint is out and walls are ready) 
Blank, boring, builder looking canvas. 

2. Paint the hall bathroom. (It'll be easy. It's small and I have had the color picked for months. This is strictly a paint job. No change outs, no tricks, but maybe a new rug and a picture.) 
3. Paint the Master Bath. This is, in no way, a remodel. However, we are replacing the giant sized mirror with (2) smaller ones, hopefully getting shelving  in the view window and purchasing some furniture. This is the biggest hurdle we have left, but the goal is to finish before Mr. Baby comes home.  

Oh, and for you budget conscious readers, the paint and supplies were about $40.00 total, which should carry Nate through the remainder of the hallway. Not bad, eh? 

After these items are checked off the list, the baby is born, the company is gone, I get back to work, Fall arrives and the rental house is content, we'll be on to the "design phase." No sweat, right? 

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