Friday, August 3, 2012

All about the little things

I have a little news...Nate and I have welcomed our son, Nathan Joseph this week!  

For the weeks prior to his arrival, we have both been nesting, cleaning, and prepping the house. Things have been done and I can't wait to show you (but it'll just have to wait for now)! We have done a large number of little things, that actually did add up to be some real forward progress and domestic prettiness. We had to focus on the things that NEEDED to be done prior to the littlest Shephard's arrival.

And then there has been my career. I have been very,very busy (disgustingly busy) getting my clients all taken care of before my eight week hiatus. I focused hard, and made sure I could deliver to others before I delivered our second son. I worked a little too much, and didn't couldn't come up for air until the very end. So, I couldn't spend my evenings dreaming up interior whimsy or flipping through catologues or online wish lists.

For the next days upcoming, I will make my focus even littler. I am going to spend the next week totally, completely and unforgivingly devoted to exactly (2) Nate's and (1) Gil, My boys. And hopefully, I can also work on making my waistline littler too.


  1. Congratulations Beth, Gil & Nate. Nate squared is beautiful. ;)

  2. Congratulations too!!! I'm a little late but I just discovered this post tonight. I'm happy for you :)
    Take care.