Saturday, July 7, 2012

One of the magical things about this house

I grew up in an old house, and I believed that the house could love you and protect you. The house I grew up in happened to be loud, and creaky. This house is much more reserved, but I do still believe in the safety it provides in a nothing but loving way - If you care for it, that is. I also happen to believe that a house is a house until you can navigate around it in complete darkness safely. It is then and only then, your home. I don't know why I think that, I just do.

I have noticed this house "talking back" to us. First of all, when I look back at the old pictures of the rooms when we had just moved in. They all looked so sad to me, and I remember it being cold in here. Depressed even. Now, it seems to stand a little taller, work a little harder and perhaps stay a little cooler for us in this blazing North Carolina heat.

One thing that it seems to offer us, is the natural spotlight on our Ansel Adams print. I just think this is so cool (for lack of a better term). I wanted to share this because it touches my heart. Maybe it's the hormones, but nonetheless,it's phenomenal. I am thankful...

 Here it is:


  1. These three enlightened pictures are very pretty. It's really a good idea to highlight something and to give a nice atmosphere.

  2. The house did it! ;) I hope all is well, Elsa! Hurry back to Blog world!

  3. beautiful pictures Beth. x

  4. Looks good! Enjoy this exciting time :-)!