Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let's hear it for the boy...

Finally, finally, I have started Gil's bed room. The evidence of a guest room is waning and kid art, bright colors and a lower bed is now on the radar. All it took was a little push with my mom coming to town and a little push on the gas pedal to IKEA. Where else? 
I need one more weekend to paint the rocking chair in the nursery, buy a dresser for Gil and probably paint that too. I can't forget to lower Gil's bed, raise the crib matress, lay down to take a nap and bring home baby!


Here's what we have so far... 


  1. I like the fresh colors in the room. Beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Kristin. We had the same paint in our old house and decided to copy it so we didn't have to buy all new stuff. I am excited to get Gil in this room for good!