Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Fabric"ating Art

One of the 203 objectives of this Blog is to design on a budget. This little project can cost $10.00 or $1,000.00 depending on your materials, but it is a good one, I promise. Now, we ALMOST have our bedroom to a point that I can consider "done" (if you ignore the fact that we have an open electrical box hanging from our ceiling...I totally do). 

If you are in the room looking toward the door, you see this:

With that new state-of-the art television, what more could you need there, right? After staring at the stack of framed artwork on the floor in that very room for 2 weeks 5 months, I couldn't help but notice we have an old black poster frame that needed a home, and a portion of our wall that was crying for some companionship. For the artwork in our bedroom, we have a good amount of landscape scenes, pretty framed abstracts, and shelving on the wall for me. for now. 

Now, I admittedly do not use enough movement in my rooms. I use a lot of solids and stripes, and most florals can be burned in effigy for all I care about them. In my head, I really wanted a 3" chocolate and ivory chevron print. I am sure there is one out there, and not just in the "online shop" in my mind, right? 

Well, since I got the poster frame hung one mid afternoon Gil nap, I need something to fill that void. It just looks silly. I don't have the time to trek to Mary Jo's and seek out the exact non existent fabric that I want, so I took a step back. What in that chevron pattern do I like? 

1. The movement - Pattern, pattern pattern. I need more of it. 

2. The colors - the ivory especially. I am typically adverse to whites overwhelming a room. You'll never see white walls in my house. Not to say they don't and can't work. They are just difficult because there is no starting color theme. It's just not how I (paint) roll, and I could blog one day about all the Pinterest rooms I see that DON'T work, even though people act like Le Corbu himself gave it his Five Pillars approval. 

3. The modernity - or shall I say, simplicity? 

I heard that IKEA has stocked their shelves with limited availability fabrics starting today (oh my). I checked it out online. I didn't see anything but I did find this. 

Yep, this'll work. For $7.99/yd, it'll definitely work. I know, it's floral. What overwhelms me about this is the white. It's what the room needs, for sure. For sure. The best part about this is, once I find the fake chevron print that I can actually see and hold, I can take this out and (have my mom) make pillows with it. Waste not, want not, right? 

So, here's the end result....

Wait! What? As with most projects, I couldn't get my hands on the one I thought was available. I like the outcome still. It reminds me of my older post about letters and words seen here. This one was $4.99/yd at IKEA, and I am not so sure I'll be quick to change it out. The room could use the light ivory background. 

You could get a more substantial frame and upgraded fabric as well. Also remember, fabric isn't bought just in bolts. There are pillow cases, shower curtains, duvets, sheets and even place mats that can all serve as a sewing starter. Yes, those can be more expensive because they are a manufactured "something", but take a look at clearance sales and outlet stores. If the fabric is to die for, I say go for it. It always makes for a good story. 

And never, never never forget that wrapping paper can be quite stylish as a backdrop to a room, object or for art! 

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