Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blue, Blue my World is Blue...

I have been dreaming of this day. It was Christmas in July, as far as I am concerned. The back porch is covered!  I am pretty sure it was 100 degrees today, and I am 35 weeks pregnant, but I was determined. Before you judge, Nate did offer to help, but he needed to lend a hand later than I had in mind. I started without him, against his wishes.

Take a look:

A mess of metal. Will I succeed?

The framework is up!

We did it! It wasn't too bad.

I scrubbed the cheap plastic table down along with the weathered chairs

Put the finishing touches on

Added some amiance. Okay, okay, I threw some unused candles and a pot base together for a little decoration.

We plan on picking up some ferns for the planters. Maybe tomorrow. .

And done!
 NOTE: We originally got pricing for a fixed awning on this existing slab. It would have cost $4,200.00. No thanks! This was from IKEA, and cost $130.00

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