Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 187

The warms and the cools, the rights and the wrongs

I just love the brown field flowers in the first few pictures, but the art school student  in me can't help but to notice the dark green slivers of forest in the corner of all of them. I cropped, re-worked, but I decide to go with the original scene. Stick it, Lamar Dodd! (Not really)

My batteries took the rest of the day off as well, so I only had a handful of shots to pick from. I liked the sky picture a lot, which is going to be part of a larger project I have yet to start. I decided also to post my feet skating over the sidewalk from this morning as well. My mother must be so sore today!  

Lastly, my waiting is over. At least for a few of the things from yesterday. Boy made it through open heart surgery and is recovering well. Sally, the Guinea Pig had no broken bones from the weekend, and my meeting went off without a hitch. My niece, however, is still taking cover in the warmth of the womb for now...

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