Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Before - Home Interior

 Front Entry - view from the stairs
Dining Room
Family Room - View from kitchen
Family Room
Family Room - View from Bonus Room 
Bonus Room
Bonus Room
The Nursery
Master Bedroom

The pictures above are as we toured the home originally. We have been weekend warriors for a little over a month now. We (Nate) painted and I scrubbed everything from windows to electrical face plates. Some lights are installed, and the floors are steamed. Already, it is a huge difference, and I can't wait to show you. 

This weekend, Nate will finish the trim in the nursery, and we will start moving furniture pieces over. Our friends are coming over to give us a hand with the dishwasher and microwave installation. Our ultimate goal is to get our bed here, so we can start staying here. I was also promised a trip to IKEA to get a rug to cover the "God awful" tile in the family room. 

This home, as it sits, is a big blank slate. I cannot wait to get in, get composing, arranging and adding my touches to give it the character it craves. 

Home Stats:
Built in 1995
Vacant for one year
Approx. 2,200 sf
3 bedrooms, 2 .5 bath and a bonus room
We also have a secret playroom, that I have big big aspirations for this room.
The yard is as big a blank slate as the home is @ .33 acres, but I'll get to that in the Spring.


  1. Wowww! This is a beautiful house and the rooms are large. I understand why you are in a hurry to decorate it and live in ! The entry and the dining room are my favorite pictures.... for the moment! I can't wait the next photos ;)

  2. Thank you, Elsa! I am getting very anxious now. More pictures to come. The house is huge, I agree. Hopefully, we'll never move again, even when we add to the family!