Monday, January 23, 2012

The BIG Project - with little knowledge

Hello! Now that my 365'er is finished, it is about time that I start another project to share with you. 

My husband and I bought a foreclosure, and we have been busy at work hiring people to fix the mistakes throughout the house. Then we ran out of money for the professionals, and have two mortgages for the time being. (eek!) So, this blog is going to morph into our adventures to make this house our home.

To give you our brief background:

 I am an interior designer, and I even have my degree. (you may or may not believe this once this project is under way)  I don't practice traditional interior design like you may think. I typically upfit commercical warehouses, distribution and manufacturing facilities. The idea, however is the same across the board. Make it efficient, make it work, and do it for cheap what you can afford. I'll add in a little "pretty" here and there, and I promise to never mention a sprinkler riser in the duration of the project. (Well, maybe once or twice) I am laid back, and have the desire to get things done quickly. (Read: impatient, and tends to panic) I can be dramatic, but just a little.

My husband, Nate, on the other hand is patient, meticulous and tentative. (Read: patient, meticulous and tentative) He's a librarian, he does things right, and will take all the time in the world to do so. When we first got together, his apartment had huge white walls with one 8x10 picture (mounted way too high) on a wall. It was neat. It was stark,but he had great art. He worries, can be over dramatic and is meticulous. I mentioned that.

Neither of us have the knowledge to fix anything, diagnose a problem or install anything more than a ceiling light. We don't have many tools, and we learn on the fly. But by God, we will learn. 

Together, we make a good team. It can be rough getting tot he final product, but we get there. I hope you enjoy our journey of ordinary adventures and hits and misses. I hope to teach you how to, how not to, and most definitely how to complete a design idea. Hopefully, you'll laugh along the way, and get to see two old friends completely in love, build something together.  

We have a whole house to work with (two actually), so let's get started, shall we?


  1. i'm excited to see this. we're not allowed to do anything to our apartment, and i'm lazy so i'll like watching someone else do work!

  2. Great! I'll be there to see your project! Good luck!

  3. I am glad you guys are excited! I have so many things already that I want to show you! This'll be fun!