Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quick update (in photos)

 A little wall and trim paint. Also cleaned top to bottom. Literally.   
 Dining Room 
Wall and trim paint and a chandelier installed by yours truly 
Paint, scour and of course, the appliances. 
Thank you David. H. I don't care what Gil says about you. 
 Family Room 
Wall paint, floor steam and little personal touches. 
( A little bit more to go on the paint)
The Nursery
Paint, scour, trim painted and 3,001 holes patched and repaired. 
(Not in that order) 


  1. Good work! It's progressing well. I especiallly like the blue/grey of the entrance and the green of the bedroom :)

  2. Thank you! It seems like it's taking forever to us. The green of the bedroom is the exact smae that we have now for Gil's room. We loved it, so we took it with us! Have a nice day!