Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 194

I cleared my head today...
by going to an indoor flea market. Today was solely to get some shots for this here blog, but there is always something in my reverie that sends me back 25 years, and makes me smile from the inside out. It reminds me of my Mom dragging and pulling me all over the place to locations like these to dig, sort, sift and in my case run all over the place. So Mom, when you read this... hello, and thank you for such a fun childhood.


  1. My Dad loved rummaging round old junk shops,
    remember going to Hastings, East Sussex.
    About 1964 loads of junk shops then.
    As they say like farther like son.
    The year of Mods and Rocker fights.
    We watched from the cliff top.
    ( thanks Dad ) Fond memories

  2. Fond memories for me too. I have been thinking about this market for days now. I.must.go.back.