Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 222

Round things...
I have been getting acquainted with my manual camera lately, and even went as far as to load it with film and snap a few shots. It's exciting. It's like seeing an old friend. I have had this camera for 17 years!? It has been put away for a long time, but never far. It'll be fun to work together again!


  1. Some time ago I've rediscovered my old analog camera. It makes a lot of fun and it's another shooting. I look different through the viewfinder if I do not know which picture will emerge. I form the image in my head before the shooting.
    And I've rediscovered some old photos again and think they are much better off than before.

  2. OOOO

    It's like meditation...

    Namaste! ;)

  3. It is, but I, for some reason, am a little hesitant to take the camera with me to shoot! Part of it is that the film is expired, so I'll either get great cool shots, or (36) 4x6 black cards. :)

    With this camera, I took much better candid shots. I looked recently too at my contact sheets from way back when.