Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 199

That big, awesome Swedish store
This weekend was a "spruce up" weekend at our house. We made not one, but two trips to the best store on the planet, and got more than we planned and lengthened our to do list by about 5 bullet points. After enjoying breakfast with my best friends parents and aunt passing through town, we decided to shop. Again. Today, we got there early, on accident, so we waited. I took pictures and some of us snoozed.


  1. Feeling the urge to drawer a eyes and a smile
    on the big toe , no it would spoil a great picture.

    Have fun,

  2. Haha! no it wouldn't ruin it. I was a little bitter that he got to nap! Maybe next time! :)
    - Beth

  3. as soon as i saw those first two pictures i squealed, "ikea!" lucky you visiting twice in one weekend :)

  4. Yes, yes IKEA. One opened about 15 minutes from our house. (love!) The place makes me crazy, happy, excited and inspired. My hubby loves it too, but he doesn't fare as well with the crowds like me and Gilly do. :)