Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 197

"I finally came to conclusion that nobody is going to lure or drive me out of this old house I've lived in all my life"
~Zell Miller

I have wanted to get on this property and take pictures for months now. It caught my eye because the sun would shine onto the layers of old paint and tired wood. Of course the day I can get over there, it's cloudy. I went anyway. I feel there are still souls at this house. It seems to have been loved at one time long, long ago.


  1. Its nice poking around old buildings and a real
    bonus if I can get in side, like you said
    you can feel the character and the history of
    the place as time stands still.

  2. Since I also had a great desire to walk and take photos. Great photos.

  3. This old wooden house is beautiful and full of charm. This style of house is extremely rare in France. It's maybe for this reason that I love it!