Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 206

Welcome to our home!

Living/family/music/play room

 The wallpaper (yes, wall paper) that my mom, hubs and I installed
Reminders of those we love and love us back...also framed sheet music, a new addition

Gil's toys and books as neat (for now) as can be
Heading upstairs, our collage of pictures. Nate with his Dad is the biggest one.
Our bedroom, now with a little visitor
Japanese statues that I love (I have a thing for Asian decor)
Detail of our bathroom
Another... and this is all you get. It's not clean!
Guest room and future office

Our new reading chair, loved by a blanket someone made for Gil


  1. Thank you so mush for the
    pictorial tour of your home,
    very nice lovely.

    Bye, Stu

  2. Wow, you have a beautiful home. I like the very many photos on the walls, which are show your family, the wallpaper (which is great!), the piano and the little details that are worth discovering (figures as Japan). Very cozy, and the colors match very well.
    Thanks for visiting your home!

  3. You are the best wife and mother in the world!

  4. One piano - be sure I'm green with envy :)

  5. I especially like the color mixtures and the individual living spaces.

    Thanks for your visit on my blog.

  6. I'd love to be a guest at your house! That room is so nice...
    Your whole home seems serene and lovely...

  7. Thank you everyone for the kind words! We combined our households a few years ago adn held on to what was dear. It is a mix of (very) old and new (IKEA). My mother calls the house "very efficient". Thank you for visiting our home, and if you are ever in North Carolina, please stop in! :)
    Beth S.