Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 149

Second Series
I can't help but post several pictures to give you a little more of my canvas to look at. On my way into work, I stopped at a field because the sky caught my eye, and I just had to capture it. I think when new seasons emerge, they show up in power, glory and beauty. I am sure there is a scientific explanation, but I don't want to know it, I just want to enjoy it. Happy Friday, all. I hope your weekend is wrapped in happiness and love! 


  1. these are stunning Beth, you know how much I love sky shots ;-) Glad you posted a few of them. I totally agree, the magic is in watching and appreciating, not analysing.

  2. I love sky shots too! I was just thinking about how gorgeous the winter sky was the other day, then lo and behold, early summer gave North Carolina a wonderful gift!