Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 160

After the rain...


  1. Hi Beth,
    I like the Path something about old bricks and blocks,
    using what's at hand, making do. I know what it is, memories
    of life at home as a boy. and in joint second place, The Ivy and
    The Pegs. Bye 4 now. Stuart.

  2. Hi! My mom thought that picture of the bricks didn't look good (as in, the yard didn't look good), but that is one of my favorites. The bricks have been there forever, the house is brick, and was built from an old brick yard. Some of the bricks on the path have "HHDS" stamped on them. It stands for Horseheads, the village where they live. Cheers!

  3. great shots after the rain.For us it's raining today also very, very much.

  4. It is much needed, and much appreciated once the sun comes back out. :)