Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 155

My head's in the clouds!
Tomorrow at noon my vacation starts. (hoo-ray!) I am taking the little man to NY to visit family, and I tell you that I am very excited about the picture possibilities for this blog!! My love goes out to you all!!


  1. AWESOME picture. and, sorry I never got to you about IKEA... it just got nutty around here and i forgot! Enjoy your photo ops... it's SO beautiful up here right now. :)

  2. No problem! My mom will be heading back from Charlotte 7/10ish, if you have any last minute ideas!! I can't even wait to get there! :)

  3. Oh New York? A dream for me:). I wish you a good journey! And I'm looking forward at your photos.

  4. Oh wow, LOVE this on Beth! x

  5. Kristin - I will be in the Upstate,and I hope you get the chance to visit. The city is great and so is the country up here.

    Sy - I thought you might like this! :)