Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 161

Seventy Roses and Ten Little Toes
The house is filled with 70 roses and a handful of family, to celebrate my mom's birthday. I got a new camera, so I went nutty today, playing around with shadows, depth of field and color. One more day without my husband, and two more days before I shoot a wedding!?!


  1. Hi Beth
    Thank you for the back story to yesterdays path, today
    I'm going to vote for the first of the mat pictures,
    My first thought was of Crop circles, and then maybe a
    giant as well,must go I've even started looking for
    Bye till next time Stuart.

  2. Congratulations to your mother. The photos are very beautiful, I especially like the light and the little feet. So sweet. You are photographing a wedding? I wish you much success.

  3. Happy birthday to your mother, I hope it will be a beautiful day for her and your family. The last three pictures are lovely.

  4. Thank you all! I am shooting a wedding this weekend for a cousin by marriage. I am nervous becuase I usually don't use people as my subject. I guess this'll be a crash course! :)