Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 150

 The Anatomy of a Playground
I miss the days of the pure excitement of hitting up new playgrounds at other schools, or a  new (and highly anticipated) playground somewhere in town. (Ah, I remember it well...) I'm really happy I get to live it again with Gil. Childhood, here I come again!


  1. How I long for those days,
    when the hole world seemed to
    be my play ground,no don't do that,
    don't do this, I felt free in it,
    and there was all that lovely warm sunshine.

    I like the picture of reflections in the mirror,
    that sums it all up. Thank you Beth.

  2. Yep, I vividly remember a new playground was built at the Catholic School, and my sister borrowed my brothers car to take me and my friends, and we thought we were so cool. My favorite were the tire swings, and oh I can't wait to get Gil a wagon! :)