Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 158

Vintage Hanover Square
Rudy Baer's used to be where Louie's is. Nick's Restaurant used to be where Hanover Grille is. Village Vacuum was Rowen's Pizza. I could go on. I have haunted this square my whole life, some years less than others. The details are what remind me, let me remember and make me smile. It was those stairs that I climbed to listen to story time. It was at Holly Days in the square that I visited Santa and believed with all my heart. It was that bakery that I ordered my wedding cake. Of course, it was that pizza place that I got wings with Nate on a snow day. It's nice to be back, take a peek and be there again, just for a minute.   


  1. It's nice to travel to some time in the past. And to remember the good moments.

  2. these are so cool, its funny how pictures allow us to notice and pay attention to all the small details we would have otherwise missed.

  3. It's funny...some things change all the time, but "The Square" seems to never change, other than signs on the storefronts.