Monday, February 20, 2012

Free Project to a Good Home.

I am currently working on a wall collage, that I can't wait to share with you. I noticed that I needed something to fill a void on the wall, and I have also noticed that wall paper is tip toeing back into the home trends. I love wall paper, and I'd flush it back in personally if I could. I have a ton of simple frames, and have access to a lot of wall paper samples (in the commercial realm, we call it wall covering, "dahhhhling")

Here's what I did:

Can you tell I am desperate to use this somewhere?

Two 5x7 frames that I unearthed while unpacking

Take out the glass or acrylic and trace the size. Quick and easy.

And there.

(I think I need to straighten out the lower frame. oops!)
This project is great for the budget conscious, in need of something to fill a space, or add pattern, or perhaps pull in a color or theme or color and theme. I'd have loved to use fancy frames and paint them all purdy,  but in lieu of the "big picture", these worked for me. Now, to finish the collage wall so I can share it!

Total $$ : ZERO. If anything, the frames were about $2.00 each (maybe) from IKEA.
Total time: Less than 1 hour.

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