Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sheer Madness and the Curtain Conundrum

I suppose that since we will be living in the new house, we should have curtains or blinds or some sort of window treatments, huh? I'd like to take my time on all of the treatments to be able to add color where color is needed, or pattern in an otherwise static room, but the front of the house is a big fishbowl and needs some attention.

I started looking at treatments for our living room, which is 3 windows in the front of the house. Since we are short on dough, I figured I'd re-use rods that we already have, and not get the dream curtains that I want from Anthropologie.

I used my shortcomings to get a little creative. I need something special for cheap. within my budget. Thankfully, we have an IKEA here. (this statement will be repeated through this project) This room needs more. It needs more than panel curtains thrown up just to have privacy in the front. So, what to do? Call Dad. That's it!

I called home and asked my Mom if my Dad could make a wooden valance that I could paint gloss black. She said yes, of course, (that's how it works there) but told me that the wood used typically in wood window treatments such as these is not good *wood, so would not take a coat or 3 of paint well, unless we got really good wood (read: $$$). Well that's out, so I had to keep thinking. ( I still don't know if dear old dad knows he is making these yet.)

* The wood used as backer for window treatments is called Luan plywood. It's a strong and easy to work with board. It doesn't typically have the grains so prevalent as regular plywood has.

My design issues for this room are:

1. It's black, white and gray, without a lot of pattern or movement. I need that somewhere.
2. The room will be home to my baby grand piano, so the rest of the space needs to keep up with the style and the little bit of austerity that I posess.
3. I have it in my head that there will be a valence over the windows.
4. I need something kind of quick.

So here's what I came up with:
I'd soon buy the IKEA curtains shown here @ $14.99 a pair (!):

Then, to incorporate all of the list above, I'd add wall paper to the body of the valance. This will give me a little pattern and a whole lotta style. Some of you may be fundamentally against wall coverings, but I promise they can be great, perfect even. Hopefully, I can show you with this little project of mine.

The good thing about this too is, I can see the drapes up (which are sheers), then work the corresponding valance to perfectly compliment them. This is gonna be good. How do I know? I am not the one with the saw in my hand.

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