Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sheer Madness - Update

You have to love the creative process. (READ: You have to love indecisiveness)
I started Step one of the process of adding curtains to the living/dining area. I went to IKEA and bought the HEDDA BLAD curtains for $14.99/pair. They aren't very shear, in fact, and make more of statement both up close and far away. I also picked up curtain rods for $7.99 each there too. ($25.00/per window isn't shabby!) I got home and went to work. Here is the result:

 huh...Who woulda thought?

I love them the way the are. I don't think I need a valance here, so I'll save my crafting favor for later on for dear Dad. His birthday is coming up, after all.  I also considered waiting to add drapes in the dining area and perhaps, hold out on just (2) panels of the Anthropologie curtains that I love so dearly. That'll be a waiting game. If I have the money before they are all gone, it was meant to be. If not, I'll have another project on my hands.

Total project time (FYI):
Trip to IKEA - 1.5 hours.
Ironing and hemming curtains using "no sew" strips - 2.0 hours
Hanging hardware - 1 hour


  1. Hi Beth,
    Nice to see things coming along,
    it must be so satisfying.
    I like new crisp net curtains but they
    don't stay so fresh looking
    in our smoky traffic filled town.

    Bye 4 now Stu

  2. Thanks! Patience is a virtue, but when on a budget, it's a must! Take care!