Wednesday, February 29, 2012

These Have Pull Around Here

Hello all! I have a real quick reversible project for you. It's reversible because the inspiration can come from one side or the other; the hardware, or the furniture. Changing out knobs and pulls on tired, old or boring furniture can breathe new life into a piece, tie a room together, give it an updated look, or all of the above. 


We bought a changing table for Gil and the knobs were boring black and only served a utilitarian purpose. I bought (3) different knobs for (6) knob locations from Anthropologie and transformed the table to a feature item. 


Also check out this blog I found for the same project: (okay, I copied the idea to post this from here)

I have a sweet spot for I wanted to show you some of the latest items they have in store. The Zinnia knob is too much for me to "handle"!!

Silhouetted Zinnia Knob
Sihouetted Zinnia Knob $8
Artist In Kiev Knob
Artist in Kiev Knob $8
Zip-Dee-Doo Knob
Zip Dee Do Knob $8

Burnished Snail Knob
Burnished Snail Knob $12

Racing Stripes Knob
Racing Stripes Knob $24
Violette Knob
Violette Knob $8


  1. Great! You have posted lots of new interesting things! I watch all this in detail next week.

  2. Thank you, Elsa! More to come...we are unpacking now, so there will be little projects that pop up all over. Have a nice day!

    Colleen - Isn't it awesome? The patterns and colors there are so inspiring. I hate shopping, but I never mind going there. Nate and I have to get there soon to get some mugs I want. He doesn't get quite as excited as I do to go there. Take care!

  3. Fun drawer knobs are the best! :)