Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ten things to help you out - Volume I

1. It's a water heater, not a hot water heater. Everyone says it. You don't heat hot water.

2. If you are hanging a series of pictures in an allegedly straight row, and one is off, use electrical tape on the lower hook to even it out. It'll give you about an 1/8" lift. If the picture is too high, cut or notch the back of the frame. It's better than re-hammering the wall. (I swear my husband counts my nailings from the other room)

3. Office Clips. In the world of "paperlessness" you may have extra clips laying around. Use them to seal food bags, whatever the size may be.

4. A garbage can can be anything that holds stuff. Think pottery, decorative boxes or umbrella cans or buckets. 

5. If your light switch plates or outlets don't look  flush to the wall, take the face plate off and tighten the screws to the actual electrical housing. It works everytime.

6. If you have no money, but hate your cabinet hardware, spray paint it. If you only have a few cabinets, you can face lift them by switching out the handles. $12-$20 goes a long way.

7. Never talk about Fight Club. Oops. Wrong list.

8. Toothpaste fills nail holes in the wall.

9. Baby oil shines up faucets in a pinch.

10. Toothpicks can fix an uneven door. Use it as a mini shim. Nate uses toothpicks for EVERYTHING, and he'd be happy to see this made the list.

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